The Beginnings
12th High Winter, 979 AF

The young noble Vartan Mede set out from his home just a few weeks ago, the sun in his face and a song in his heart. He and his companions were out to seek their fortune as famed adventurers, inspired by the rags-to-heroics story of the Hill Haven Mercenaries. He was joined by his father’s former chief minister Kermus Arkenea’neldth; his father’s former Captain of the Guard Antony Rigeur; and finally his father’s huntsman Jolan. Together the four have started off well enough; they have driven off some bandits from the road out of their home town, fought and defeated a group of ore-stealing brigands, joined the Adventurer’s Fraternity, rescued several members from the danger of giant ants encroaching on the surface, and now have been commissioned to recover several lost swords from a forgotten dwarven redoubt.

The redoubt, Khaz-Drakkar, was once home to a skilled dwarven smith whose weapons were of the finest quality. The four have been commissioned to recover any weapons they can find that bear the mark of the legendary blacksmith, and return them to their patron, an eager weapons collector who seeks to make them the pride of his collection.

So far, the expedition is starting off with excitement! The four crept up the trail leading to the main entrance of the former dwarven hold, which it appears is now occupied by orcs. The party has slain the first two sentries and gained entry into the hold itself, but the orcs are alert to their prescence, and the going will surely be tough from here…


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