Vartan Mede


Cleric of Glamdrella 3; hp 25; Init -1; Speed 20’; AC 16; Attacks +3 melee (Masterwork Spiked Chain, 2d4/x2), +1 ranged (Shortbow, 1d6/x3) SA: Turn/Destroy Undead; AL N; Fort +4 Ref 0 Will +6; STR 10 DEX 8 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 16 CHA 16.

Skills and Feats: Bluff +9, Diplomacy +16, Disguise +13, Heal +7, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Perform (String Instruments) +16, Sense Motive +5, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Skill Focus (Perform {String Instruments}), Negotiator


Vartan was born on the 8th of Mid Fall, 960 AF. He is the youngest child of the Mede family, and thus far has shown little to no desire or motivation to become a true noble leader and ruler. He has always preferred the comforts of wealth and the lack of hard work such wealth can bring to one’s life. At his father’s insistence that he get an education with a religious order, and perhaps find some use in their household, Vartan convinced a wandering priest of the bard Goddess, Glamdrella, to teach him and ordain him as one of her clerics, thus allowing him to indulge in his love of music and debauchery while still obeying his father’s requests.

Recently, his father gave up trying to force him to become responsible and has allowed Vartan to head out in the world for a year and enjoy himself to the fullest, with the understand he return after he gets this youthfulness out of his system. Vartan, for his part, currently has no desire to ever return. He plans to seek fame, fortune, and a life away from his family’s tiny backwater once and for all now that he is on his own.

Despite his current 19-year streak as a welch and a ne’er-do-well, Vartan is actually somewhat skilled in combat, and a very talented guitarist and performer. He is amazingly gifted in speech, and would make an excellent diplomat or courtier if he were inclined to do the work involved with such careers (he isn’t). He immensely enjoys a night spent wenching and drinking, and if he has other interests besides getting drunk, seducing women, and making fine music, he hasn’t shown them or let on that they exist to anyone.

Vartan Mede

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